ScienceTable at EC-TEL 2010

As some of you might know, I was preparing to demo and evaluate the ScienceTable at the EC-TEL 2010 conference. This conference was organized in Barcelona, only 1400km from Leuven 😉

It took us some effort to build a version of our tabletop that would fit into my car, and had a professional finish. To compare,  have a look at my previous posts to see how the first version looked like : Tabletop : 1st prototype .

I really like the looks of the second version of our tabletop :

During my two month visit at KMI in the Open University, Milton Keynes I improved the performance of ScienceTable application, and up to the days before EC-TEL, I added a lot of functionalities :

  • search for authors or papers (with on screen keyboard)
  • long click to highlight the outgoing connections
  • filter papers by year
  • filter authors by number of publication
  • reset the zoom level
  • a restart button 😉

So once the table was set up at the demo hall of the conference, we could try to attract people to play with our applications :

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

To get an actual feel of how the ScienceTable works now, here is a unedited video shot live at the conference :

We also invited volunteers to do an evaluation of the app, and give us feedback through a small survey :

We are now processing the evaluations and thinking about the next steps to be taken.

I would like to thank all people for their feedback and kind words in the survey, also the conference organizers for giving us a great spot to demo our applications and finally Sten for being a great co-pilot during the long drive !

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